Marshall Hunt Club, Suffolk VA

About Us

Established in 1948 by the late Marshall Homsher, we celebrated our 65th year as an established hunt club in 2013. We maintain an active membership of less than 50 members with the average age of the members being 60 years old. Our oldest member is 85 years young and has taken a deer every year the past 15 years.

We deer hunt the early Swamp season October 1 thru November 30, on Wednesday and Saturday and then hunt a private farm in Whalleyville and other property on Saturday's until the end of the season in January.

We host an annual "Youth Deer Hunt" the last Saturday in September for youths 15 and under.

We meet in Suffolk on Route 58 near the Race Track gas station and enjoy a full breakfast cooked by our members before every hunt. The menu includes eggs, bacon, sausage, grits, biscuits, home-style gravy, fried apples, fried potatoes, coffee and juice. Cost is $6.00 per person 16 and older and all proceedes benefit the club.

This simple pre-hunt gathering is filled with "Hunting Tales"  & "Big Buck Sightings" that rival the story's of the greatest authors all of which is the start of a day with the greatest opportunity to harvest a trophy class whitetail deer.

We have ladder stands located throughout the property for any member to use. Your personal climbing stand or ladder stand can also be used if desired. We hunt with shotguns-buckshot only. No rifles or slugs are permitted.

We are fully insured and have NEVER had a hunting accident. We ONLY allow hunting during organized club hunts during regular firearms season, which allows all members an equal opportunity of bagging that trophy buck. Still hunting is allowed after all organized club hunts when the Hunt Master determines it is time to head to the cleaning shed.

We have a 160 acre "BOW HUNTING" only perserve which is available 6 days a week to all members October 1 - November 30 each year.

Membership is a family membership and we encourage sons and daughters to enjoy the club activities with their parents. All children must meet VDGIF license requirements and hunt for FREE until their 18th birthday.

The club owns and maintains approximately 25 deer hounds and average many citation trophy bucks which are entered in the Virginia Big Game contect each fall.

We participate in the VDGIF Deer Management Assistance Program (DMAP) and weigh all deer and record other data to support their efforts of managing the whitetail deer of VA.

We have a mandatory 50 pound rule for all anterless deer. All anterless deer MUST field dress 50 pounds or more except for YOUTH hunters. Violations cost the hunter $50.00 which is utilized to purchase beverages for our annual end of the year family party.

We cut the shirt tail of ALL hunters who miss their deer. Cost is $2.00 per miss and all proceeds benefit our family party. The hunter with the "MOST MISSES" at the conclusion of the hunting season is allowed the "HONOR" to wear the "I MISSED" Trophy Necklace during all club functions and meetings during the year.

The annual family party includes a Pot Luck dinner and the Trophy presentations for the largest Swamp Buck, the largest Highland Buck, and a YOUTH trophy for the hunter under the age of 18 that bags the largest deer.

Please inquire today about how you can become a vital part of a great association with a long history of successful hunting built upon friendship, sportsmanship, and the proven ability to work as a group for the enjoyment of the entire membership.
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